Hello my dear friends and visitors.

I hate to do this, but I think it is neccesary.

What are goth's?

Well peolpe tell me that i'm a goth or gothic.
Don't make me laugh. It's just a name for something that they don't grasp.

Here is the way i see it.


- Dutch goth's don't have to be depressed to feel good, it's a lifestyl.
- They don't drink blood. People who think that they are vampires believe in fairytails or are very sick.
- You don't have to be afraid of them. Don't believe the media.


- I love the night (most of them do).
- I love cemetary's (they are so relaxed, and sometimes beautifull).
- I love music and it is not satanic (just to sit and relax or to dance).
- I love a good atmosphere.
- Satanisme is a fashion.
- You may call me happy goth, if i need a fucking name just give me that one.

When you feel the need to complain or just for a good laughter send me a ;-) mail

Anyway just be happy, specialy at nighttime.